Welcome to through Kelly's Eyes!

Welcome to through Kelly's Eyes! I've put together this online portfolio of my images so that I can share my love of capturing photographic moments with the world. Enjoy browsing the world around us "through Kelly's Eyes" !

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Composing a picture comes naturally to me. The beauty and charm of nature is in the visual story I tell “through my eyes”. My first camera was handed down to me when I was six years old from my dad, an Air Force photographer. I took an interest right away. Dad showed me how to work it and I took it from there.

I know I must take the picture the moment I see it. Chances are good that it won’t be there later. Nature is that way. A rainbow appears for mere seconds or a bird in flight will be gone in a flash. I’m addicted to the beauty around me and transfer this passion to my photography. I especially love nature, its wildlife, the sun setting over Lake Michigan and the windy splashes against lighthouses, they become favorite subjects for my photography.

After a couple of years of wonderful compliments from family and friends, and an invitation from my dear friend Luann Harden, an awe-inspiring watercolor artist, to show my photography in her studio, my venture into the retail world began. I hope you can feel what I feel, and see what I see, in every picture I share.

Please enjoy looking “through Kelly’s eyes!”


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